Library Music & Free For Broadcast Explained

Posted on Jan 15 2015   |   News & Press

Creative digital content provides the back bone of a successful marketing or SEO strategy, and as such, demand for music that can be used in adverts, games, videos and viral clips has never been as high.

Free For Broadcast explained

When it comes to licensing and royalties however, understanding what's what can be a bit of a headache, especially for those new to production. Matters aren't made any easier by the fact that there are several terms that are commonly used when licensing music, and some of these can be a little misleading, such as ‘royalty free music’.

Understanding Royalty Free Music

Generally speaking, royalty free music refers to a type of license that can be used again and again, as long as the usage adheres to the boundaries set out in the original license.

For example, if you were to purchase a royalty free music license from The Music Jar, for use in a Youtube video, you could also use the same track in another project, perhaps background music on a website. In fact, you could use that same track for as many projects as you like, as long as you do not use it for something that is not covered by the license, like TV advert. Our Royalty Free (Band A) license is fantastic value for money, so why not search some music or checkout our royalty free music playlists here?

What if I need a different type of license?

Most other licenses tend to be single use license, and can only be used once, as part of a specified project that is covered by the relevant license. For example, if you need music for a TV/Radio advert, you will need to purchase a license that permits such usage.

Here at The Music Jar, you would need to purchase our ‘Advertising’ (Band D) license. If you then wanted to use the same track as part of a different advert, you would need to purchase another license to do so. This is how the majority of music libraries operate, and you can find out more about our music usage guidelines here..

Free For Broadcast Music

At The Music Jar, we also offer a pretty unique way of licensing music. If you are a production company or advertising agency that regularly creates productions and/or adverts for TV and Radio, you may qualify for our Free For Broadcast (FFB) account. If you do qualify for a FFB account, you will then be able to use any tracks in our library, for free, as many times as you want, providing that the music is broadcast on TV or Radio. 

We can do this because networks and broadcasters have to pay the relevant Performing Rights Organisations (the PRS in the UK) every year, in order to be able to broadcast music. The PRS then distributes royalties between publishers, writers, arrangers etc. based on the information provided by the broadcasters/networks.

The only thing that we ask of our FFB customers is that they fill in Cue Sheets – which contain all the information about the production in question, which pieces of music have been used, and who writes and publishes the music – and send them to the broadcaster. This ensures that we receive the royalties that we are owed, and more importantly, our composers and artists receive their royalties.

Find out if you qualify for a Free For Broadcast account.