Track Of The Week // 17th February 2017

Posted on Feb 17 2017   |   Track Of The Week

After a long and busy week, we're all feeling like putting our feet up and taking it easy, which is probably why we picked this week's Track Of The Week. 

It's an easy going, laid back acoustic song, featuring some lovely picked guitar riffs, a slow stomping beat and a powerful male vocal, that's somewhere between rock, blues and country.

There's a very traditional folk feel to it too, with the addition of a beautiful and sweet mandolin, that doubles up with the main guitar part. As the song develops, very subtle layers, such as distant backing vocals and whistling join in, to give the track some structure - these parts are essentially the chorus of the song.

If you're looking for a song to add that sentimental, yet feel good element to any production, then kick back, relax and listen to this one.

Happy Friday!

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