Looking for a custom track for your production?

If you are struggling to find your perfect track, please get in touch with us - we know the library better than anyone and we'll search the jar on your behalf and then offer up a handful of suggestions.

We understand that library music is simply the only option when budgets are tight and that no matter how good the quality, compromises have to be made... "crescendos too soon! Resolves too late, why is there a Tuba solo in the middle of a rock track?"

At the The Music Jar, we offer a comprehensive music service that stretches way beyond the scopes of these pages. Should you find a track that's almost perfect - all but one instrument, or a structural issue for example - it's always worth getting in touch with us. We may be able to access the original mix of that specific track and tweak it or perform a 'clever edit' to put the track right.

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and - for a small commission fee - we can usually make that 'almost perfect' track into the perfect one.

Comission us and we'll compose the perfect music track for you

If you have a music budget set aside, why not commission us to compose a music track, tailor-made for your production. Our ever-growing team of composers are highly skilled and experienced at precisely following the brief and we guarantee you'll end up with the perfect track.

You can view our portfolio of commissioned music at: