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Our collection of handpicked tracks, cover every type of ambient and atmospheric style, from avant-garde, electronic and experimental sounds, through to relaxing, chill-out music, featuring lush trip hop beats, glitchy pecussion and floaty ambient pads. Digital tones that represent molecules, DNA, nanotechnology or moving organic matter, make these the ideal scores for science, technology, space or hi-tech corporate films. Whilst at the the other end of the spectrum, many of our atmospheric and ambient tracks are on the darker and more sinister side. Sickening drones, incorporating natural sound fx of heartbeats, breathing or screaming, that add complete and utter terror to any production. 

Ambient music is one of the most powerful and influential genres that can easily change our state of mind. It can be used for therapuetic reasons - hynotherapy, meditation or mindfulness, a calming influence that can help to focus on our well-being. It can also be an incredibly descriptive form of music, that can easily instil fear, anxiety or even euphoria, at the change of a key, a surprise stab from a brass section, or perhaps the most effective of all, the addition of a high-pitched screeching violin section. Perhaps the most well known and certainly the best and example of this can be heard in Bernard Hermann's spine chilling score to the film Psycho.