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Music should not always be the star and sometimes has to take a back seat to the visuals. Some of the best music is not intended to be noticed. Well created moving image has a clear understanding of the relationship between the sound and the picture. The music can be used to enhance the emotion of the image and does not have to lead it.

Background music doesn’t just have to be synth pads, although so often this simple approach can be very effective. On the surface the music seems to be sitting still but our composers have created tracks that introduce subtle changes to guide the listener and evoke emotional changes. So often these soft musical beds are enhanced with natural sounds to create a more organic feel.

Repeating rhythms can also be central to background music because of the meditative effect they create. Before you know it you’ve been sucked into a beat or groove that is guiding your attention and even your emotions! Don’t underestimate the power of our tracks!

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