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Chill out music became massive in the 1990s when people wanted some time away from dance music, but it's popularity has never gone away. You hear it time and time again, providing accompaniment to those moments in life that are at that slightly slower tempo. So many genres have appeared off the back of this style; ambient, nu jazz and vaporwave, each allowing you to close your eyes and feel the waves lapping at your feet.

The carefully selected chill out tracks on The Music Jar show the range of styles on offer within the genre, moving from warm beds of synth pads to dub reggae style beats. These tracks can suck you right in, making you feel cocooned in the safest of places but then transport you to beautiful, vast expanses, all the time never breaking a sweat.

The classic sound of the genre is there when you want it; Rhodes piano combined with brushed drums and deep upright bass guitar but there is so much more too. Chill out continues to be so popular because it can borrow from every other style and our tracks show the relaxed side of any instrument you can think of.

The effects of chill out music are undeniable; put it on and you'll find yourself unwinding, no matter how strung out you feel. So listen to some of the best The Music Jar has to offer below, and prepare yourself to get nothing else done today...