Mark Sargison Royalty Free Music from The Music Jar
Check out this selection of our best royalty free music by Mark Sargison. Ready for instant download.

Enjoy this selection of some of our best royalty free music by Mark Sargison, one of our many talented composers and give your productions some authentic sounding musical accompaniment.

Mark has been making music for over two decades, studying contemporary music and sonic arts at The University of Brighton. During his time studying he focused a great deal on the psyhology of music and this influences every track that he composes. Each track is designed to have maximum effect on the listener, even if this impact is intentially minimal!

Mark draws influences from a wide range of genres but particularly indie rock, modern electronica and solo piano works. His music has been picked for a range of productions, from Manchester City Football Club sponsorship advertising to dark short films about the future of mankind. Whatever your production, Mark is likely to have the mood to match it.

Certain instruments do find their way into a large number of Mark’s track, these being electric guitar, drums and piano. These are the three instruments that he grew up playing and you can hear the passion he has for them throughout any tracks they are in. There is a sense of ‘realness’ to his music and a unique quality that is hard to put your finger on.

His tracks can contain intimate and comforting moments, with slowly unfolding piano lines accompanied by warm strings or subtle, glitchy electronics but others will be all out indie rock with scratchy electric guitar lines paired with monstrous drums. What is consistent throughout the many moods of his tracks is this impact on the listener. Even the most chaotic moments have their purpose and are designed to work with visuals.

So listen to the playlist of Mark Sargison’s tracks below and explore some of the world class music that The Music Jar has to offer. All available for instant download now...