Meet The Team
The people behind the music

We're quite a mixed bunch here at The Music Jar. It helps us make our website a more valuable resource for the creative industry.

The Music Jar is a unique production music library, run by the composers themselves. From our researcher and session musicians to our classically trained composers, we all do our bit to make sure you come back to us time and time again.

We have an unbelievable wealth of experience in all areas of the industry…from award-winning film score composers to prolific jingle writers – we’ve got them all! Each composer has their own voice, through their music – always original, fresh and unique. We continue to seek new talent everyday, adding lots of new tracks each month.

And we're always open to suggestions. If there's anything you think we could improve on, you can contact us

We're really proud of our music, so why not check out some of our playlists and judge for yourself.

Mugshots and info on those you'll probably speak to


Rik Bodgers

Richard Bodgers
Founder / Director of The Music Jar

A lover of coffee, cars, film scores and good food (forget the wine…i'd rather have a cold beer!)

Richard is a formally trained pianist and film score composer, with 20 years of media composing under his belt. He's composed and produced music for over 1,600 cinema, TV and Radio commercials and is currently preparing to score his 11th feature film, which is going into production later in 2014. 

His early musical years were spent as front man, keyboard player and writer of rock band - The Craft, touring the UK and Europe with bands such as Guns n' Roses, Sound Garden and Faith No More.

Following the Rock n' Roll days, Richard went on to study composition and to train as a concert pianist at Huddersfield University. Once graduated, he set up his music production company 'Theme' in 96, and embarked on a career as a film and media composer, creating bespoke music for UK-based, pan European and several global advertising campaigns. He has worked with brands such as Bentley Motors, Jaguar, Mercedes, Sony, Hoover, Lemsip, Scholl, Johnnie Walker and Center Parcs, to name but a few. 

Whilst developing his media composing career, Richard was appointed as Associate music director at Manchester Library Theatre composing the original scores for the award winning 'Angels In America' and 'The Glass Menagerie' and composer / orchestrator for Alton Towers.  

During 2011, Richard developed The Music Jar production library, which mainly consisted of his own music. A year later, the doors were opened for other composers, bands and artists to join and add their music. This has now grown from the original 3 composers to almost 60, and from 1,500 tracks to just short of 10,000. More excitingly though, we can boast chart-topping singer-songwriters, award-winning film score composers, from Hollywood, Bollywood, Denmark and South Africa and many prolific TV and advertising composers.


Dan Philipson

Dan Phillipson
Partner / Director of The Music Jar

Dan grew up playing and studying music, right through from primary school to university, which he graduated from in 2007. Following university, Dan decided to make a go of it as a composer, and found a way into the music industry via the world of music libraries, and from 2008 began to work with more and more music libraries all over the world. As of 2014, Dan's music has been used in over 20,000 unique productions, ranging from small, independent jobs, to representing global brands such as GM, Autodesk, Toyota, Nestle, DKNY, Siemens and many more.

In 2013 Dan got involved in The Music Jar, initially as a composer, however after many conversations (and possibly the occasional beer!) with Richard, decided to get involved in building The Music Jar into a world class production music library.